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What is airsoft


Airsoft is a competitive sport where two or more teams compete against each other in a fictitious battle and use 1: 1 replicas of existing weapons.


The weapons correspond exactly to those of the army and the police, from MM16's to P5's and where shooting takes place with plastic balls of 6mm (BB's). A real army equipment makes it even more realistic.


Airsoft, an unforgettable experience, where you depend on each other and support each other to reach the goal. Once you get excited by the adrenaline you keep coming back for more!


During this unique activity you go on a unique mission. During this 3-hour battle you and your team tackle the various game-plays and try to win you in the most spectacular and realistic way. You are supported throughout the game-plays with tactical tips from our supervisor.



The mission & game rules


For each game, the strategy is determined in advance: do you work hard or do you slowly build up? Are you going forward in a rush using the hide-outs & covering fire or not? In one game this could be an advantage, in the other perhaps a disadvantage.


Or are you going for the 50/50, with half of the team rushing forward, the other half cautiously sneaking in to ensure a good position?


Once you have located the opponents, keep them on the spot with continuous fire and use the communication with your teammates to approach them left / right and to aim upon their unprotected side.


When hit, bad luck, unfortunately ... you have to return to the starting point, but you can play again afterwards. This guarantees a lot of playing time for everyone, not just for the "top players".



Game / afternoon course

1. Reception


With a cup of coffee, tea or a soft drink, you sign in and you receive your weapon.

2. Explanation


The rules are explained by the "Marshall". You get hints & tips about strategic options, positioning and technology. Then we leave for the "arena" where the game plays start.

3. Airsoft


Going into the field and applying the strategic choices made.

4. Post-race


After such an effort, it is fun to relax and discuss the game with a snack and a drink.

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